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Get your subscription to the Muslim Journal because our young people shall lead the way and see the full picture. They will continue to learn how to pick up the mantle passed on by Malcolm X (Al Hajji Malik Al-Shabazz,).

Representing the honorable Elijah Muhammad and creation of the Muhammad Speaks newspaper in the 1960's.

Inherited by our Muslim leader Imam W. D. Mohammed in 1975 and today, with our new contemporary leadership they will continue to utilize the unique language and school of thought ushered in by Imam W.D. Mohammed speaks.... (Insha Allah)


About Us

An invitation from the publisher; 

Let us pray...

May Allah grant His favor and promise upon the Prophet and positive Muslim in this community to be successful. (Qur'an 3:104)

As Allah tells us in the Qur'an 3:110 "You are the best of people, involved for mankind, in joining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah. 

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To enter you into the true fold of Al-Islam (As Salaamu Alaikum) I have been commanded by the words of Allah in our Noble Qur'An and His last messenger Muhammed's example "Sunnah is to invite unto Allah

"i.e. to the oneness of Allah- Tauhid with sure knowledge. I am born to share with you in my book "The African- American Muslim Leadership Reformed, taking on a Responsibility to Lead Humanity."

This book is based on the Deen of Islam & this is the Da'Wah. (meaning Islamic invitation to the oneness of Allah which is Tauhid)

This book comes during a time of a historic presidential election and when Barrack Hussain Obama became the first African American elected to the whitehouse.

In addition, as we already know, President Obama does have some Muslim roots to Al-Islam.

Therefore, in this book you will find a tribute to President Obama and information of my pledge answering his call. " For a new era of public service." Moreover, in support to Presidents Obama's call to serve as an American Muslim I am in support of his peace message to the Muslim world and his reaching out to them. However, I don't take sides to the present administration on hidden agendas or with the democratic and republicans,communist parties and our government controlled and secret organizations and the order of the illuminati hails the new world order.

As an independent African American Muslim citizen, I know its time for change in America and besides, the political system of Al-Islam is totally incompatible with westerns' satanic occult behind the scenes of government, which is leading us into the new world order period. The concept of this kind of government parties and the opposition is alien to Al-Islam. All being to one community (Ummah) with only one goal and pursue the same aims and objective of Islamic guidelines.

Nonetheless, this book will present letters, memos, articles, speeches and proposals to president Obama, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and Muslim Imans and leaders in regards to our support and pledge to a new era of service and to invite them into the true fold of Al-Islam.

Nevertheless, I propose to president Obama to give the African American Muslim community a small sum of that stimulus bailout package to stimulate the economic growth and the African American and Caribbean Communities and where we are rebuilding the Muslim American Community Leadership.

We are fighting in cause of Allah to be free and where we are fighting for what is right in our struggles with the system and surviving a recession.

Last but not least, we are planning our first co-hosted and co-produced live globally televised broadcast program honoring the contribution of African American and Caribbean Leaders in our history and Muslim life in America. Please read the pages of this book packed with more information about this event.

This book will cover more information about this very special Benefit Award Celebration and it will be our Annual International Muslim gathering, a tribute to President Obama, with special segments for Br. Noble Drew Ali, Br. Marcus Garvey, Min. Malcolm X (El Hajj Malak Shabazz) Frederick Douglas, Imam Warith Deen Mohammed.

This Presidential TV 1 Award Event will be a day of prayer, festivals and celebration.

(Insha Allah) I invite all my sisters and brothers in joining us in support of our goal and plans to make this final call for a belief and global unity as an Al-Islam public servant mission of the Unity Power Movement.

I pray to Allah The Exalted to keep Muslims in American and the Caribbean of the West, on the straight path to which He has guided us to bestow on faithful followers of Prophet Muhammed's Ummah, His mercy, His Forgiveness and Blessings.

In a final word of Malcolm X (El Hajj Malak Shabazz) he said "I was on the right track of the american black man's best interest. I did offer the black man something worthwhile. In this book, I am offering you knowledge equal for you to have a natural right way to Freedom, Justice and Equality With Sovereignty in which Allah gives us.

Please remember to purchase this book or to make your Charity Donation in the cause of Allah.

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Bunia Muhammed A.K.A Russell Mac T Tinsley


P.O Box 905.


NJ, 07001

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