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For more info on History of Muslim American Community Tribute Flag


3 x 5 Cloth Indoor flag $115

3 x 5 Cloth Outdoor flag $65

You may visit the link by clicking the photo to order online

WDM Ministries 

The Ministry Imamw. Deen Mohammed
For additional information  read the book "Muhammed Legacy Of Reform Mission" by clicking this link.

Now available for your purchase "Muhammad Legacy Of Reform Mission" you can now purchase the book on Amazon Kindle , Barnes and Noble, Goggle Play, and iTunes.

Now you can review my new eBook in the eBook marketplace and by clicking the links below. 

If you have any comments or concerns regarding the book, please leave a comment on our blog page by clicking here.

The new flag for the Nation of Islam is expected to be delivered to you by your filling out this purchase order form.

You can add your name to the form, address, phone number and by emailing this form and or calling Rasul Bunia Muhammed at 702-850-2393 Ext # 101 today.

NB. Please support the Muslim American Communities New flag for the Nation of Islam to be allowed to line up with Nations flags or with other Nation Flags at the United States Nations in New York City.




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