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The First Explanation "Tafsir"


The Book FIQH and FATAWA of The MUJEDDID Khalifah Imam Warith Deen Mohammed's

Muslim American Leadership is expected to be released in the next few months. You can add your name to the ordering list by emailing your contact information to

We at the Muslim American Community -Tribute are truly appreciative to be a strong supporter of the Mosque Care-Ministry of Imam W. Deen Mohammed, to present the First explanation of the Tafsir commentary - Fiqh and Fatawa of Muslim leader Imam Wairth Deen Mohammed's Ijtihad.

This book consists of 40 plus years of our leader's classic work on different aspects of understanding his language, logic, and qur'anic extensive knowledge and experience that will help you understand and appreciate prophet Muhammad better and for your total obedience to God "Allah's" (SWT) laws and to obey His Messenger (SAWS).

In every generation, there has been religious reformers who stood firm on religious or revealed principles as a universal message fro promoting human progress, social and economic justice. Such reformers extended great efforts in defending their religious beliefs.

In Al-Islam, we had such Islamic reformers defending the last revealed scripture, the book of God "Allah" and the Sunnah of His last prophet and messenger and in refuting the people of innovated beliefs, innovations, deviations, and misguidance.

Finally, in our generation come to the Mujeddid-Khalifah-Leader and Imam at the head of them all in our the 20th and 21st century, Imam Wairth Deen Mohammed's leadership whose Tafsir, FIQH, FATAWA on this battlefield between good and evil, teaches us how to defeat the schemes of satan and to the victories that only pure Islam can give us.

Imam W. Deen Mohammed (raa) has made his decisions interpretation based on what God "Allah" blessed him to understand the plight of all people suffering from mental, physical, spiritual, and economic bondage, and the struggle for justice and to be free of this day and time. The new revised Muslim American Community of Al-Islam in the West.

The Imam W. Deen Mohammed has explained to us in this book that our first parents ("Adam and Eve") represent the original human beings' nature time that Allah determined should be Khalifah of God "Allah"- the caretakers, the custodians, of the heavens and the earth, so that we will be guided to the root of the knowledge that we have.

Understanding the religious or revealed knowledge language, you would get from this book, and with scientific knowledge, Tafsir, FIQH, and FATAWA of Imam W. Deen Mohammed will help you understand how imnprotant and what the shari'ah (Islamic Jurprudence) contains from two primary sources, from the Quran and Sunnah to appreciate the prophet Muhammed better and obedience to Allah's laws.

The job for us is to learn, practice, and teach Islam in America. And the community of Muslins in America under the leadership of the Mosque Care/WDM Ministry is the answer to the religious scriptures saying's and Imam W. Deen Mohammed's explanations and where he spoke to us from scripture, and from his own mind because he had a tranquil soul at peace, with himself and at peace with his maker. So in this book, you will also learn how to save yourself with peace within your own soul. "Insha Allah (God willing). May Allah have mercy on you Wa Alaikum Salaam. 

An Important Announcement

For Immediate Press Release and Information 

Article By Bunia Muhammad aka Russell Tinsley Representative Of the Mosque- Care Ministry of Iman WD Muhammad 


Bunia Muhammad

Interview from the #1 Islamic Radio Station in the Nation

Bunia Muhammed now available on SoundCloud by clicking this link:

 New Book release by Bunia Muhammad aka Russell Tinsley

Now the new book is available for purchase you may click the image below.

Let us pray...

May Allah grant His favor and promise upon the Prophet and positive Muslim in this community to be successful. (Qur'an 3:104)

As Allah tells us in the Qur'an 3:110 "You are the best of people, involved for mankind, in joining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah.

Bunia Muhammed Representative Of The Mosque Care W.D.M Ministry Videos 

WDM Ministry Community Bulletin

Click the image above to watch the video

The Muslim American Community Tribute (MAC-T)

In Association With Imam W. Deen Mohammed's Ministry

We have an excellent new leadership model: Muhammad Speaks, utilizing the unique language and school of thought ushered in by our late Muslim leader Imam W. Deen Mohammed.

As our tribute in honoring Imam W. Deen Mohammed, we invite you to view the W.D.M Ministry videos.

By: Bunia Muhammad (aka Russell "MAC-T" Tinsley) Representative of the Mosque Cares and W.D.M. Ministry

Please remember to purchase this book or to make your Charity Donation in the cause of Allah.

You can also get your copy of this book by visiting our E-store by clicking on this link you can also visit, (England),,, & Ebay for your copy of the book

Click on the book below.

Imam W Deen Mohammed - Message To All People Of The World 02/2005


Submitted by Instructor Benjamin Bilal for education purposes only. No opyright infringement is intended.

Life and ministry of Imam W. Deen Mohammed remembered

“Imam Mohammed’s spiritual leadership will be greatly missed by the American Muslim community, but his legacy will live on in all those who benefited from his knowledge and guidance,”“Minister Farrak...

Get your subscription to the Muslim Journal because our young people shall lead the way and see the full picture. They will continue to learn how to pick up the mantle passed on by Malcolm X (Al Hajji Malik Al-Shabazz,).


Representing the honorable Elijah Muhammad and creation of the Muhammad Speaks newspaper in the 1960's.

Inherited by our Muslim leader Imam W. D. Mohammed in 1975 and today, with our new contemporary leadership they will continue to utilize the unique language and school of thought ushered in by Imam W.D. Mohammed speaks.... (Insha Allah)


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The study of the qur-an and the lide examples of prophet Mohammed

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" WE ARE ALL UNITED UNDER Allah ( swt ) at Muslim.

We have Allah ( swt) as our guide but we keep him as God: we have quran as our instructions; we have Prophet Muhammad, phup as our example.

We have Iman Waraith Deen Muhammad ( raa) as the leader.

and we have those with him who are charged with authority.

We are 1 community; we will die before we will be devided. (Iman Waraith Deen Muhammed, :raah.

Study L islam " Life topics" series will fcous on Prophet Mahemaned, humanism-his values, characteristics, and struggles that developed and to the best human being.

Iman Mohhamed " raa has directed us to study and emulate prophet mohammed: phub so that we may realize our best human excellence and community life.

INSHA " Allah " swt. 

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